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Raspberry Pi 3 – Setup a Webserver with FTP and WordPress

A project I’ve wanted to tackle for months was setting up WordPress on a Raspberry Pi, so that people could connect to it’s wifi network and access the installed WordPress site. I found a variety of helpful sites and wanted to document what worked for me as I expect software updates and small gaps and typos in instructions caused some real headaches.  It was a steep learning curve but that’s what the Raspberry Pi is all about right, learning. This is my first project using a Raspberry Pi – so I’m a complete noob. I made a buttload of...

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app: Instagram

1 Minute Introduction to Instagram Instagram is an app you use to share photos and short videos with your Followers. You can Follow other Instagram users (people or organisations) and view their images and videos. You can Like, Comment on images and tag your followers in image comments. Introductory video Instagram Beginners (5:30) My Use of Instagram I’ve been using Instagram since it came out. I like that its all about Images. No posts about “what am I thinking” just posts from friends and others I follow which are Images or short Videos. Picture it as a visual Twitter. Where Twitter is a...

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2016 NMC Horizon Report K-12 Schools

It’s here! Each year educational technology leaders and teachers eagerly await the release of the latest “Horizon Report”, published by New Media Consortium (NMC). It highlights key technologies which we can expect to see more of in the short, medium and long-term in schools, it is literally a “what’s on the horizon” with learning technologies.

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5 Cool VR apps for Google Cardboard

You’ve heard of VR right?  Virtual reality – the experience (at the moment) of viewing a movie which is presented through a headset in a way that you can look around as though you are in the setting.  With headphones and sound you can start getting tricked that it’s more real than it is….. Google Cardboard is a low cost, cheap as kitset you can buy which enables you to use your smartphone and some folded up cardboard to create a VR Headset, download some VR apps, and get into some virtual reality. I picked up some cardboard headsets...

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