app: Instagram

app: Instagram

1 Minute Introduction to Instagram

Instagram is an app you use to share photos and short videos with your Followers. You can Follow other Instagram users (people or organisations) and view their images and videos. You can Like, Comment on images and tag your followers in image comments.

Introductory video Instagram Beginners (5:30)

My Use of Instagram

I’ve been using Instagram since it came out. I like that its all about Images. No posts about “what am I thinking” just posts from friends and others I follow which are Images or short Videos.

Picture it as a visual Twitter. Where Twitter is a platform for sharing short (140 character) text posts, Instagram is sharing just an Image – with a caption.

Images have captions and you can Tag people who are in the Image. You can say the location and also add some built in filters to modify your original image really easily. Add some Hashtags and you’re an Instagram #pro!

What does the Instagram app do?

The Instagram app is how you connect to your Instagram social network and share images. Open the app, take a photo or find one in your Photo Library, add a caption, add a Filter, tag someone, add a Location, share on Instagram or with other linked sites like Facebook or Twitter.

How can I use the Instagram app?

Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with people through Images. Let others know what you are up to through capturing and sharing images of your activity or to promote what you are doing. If you are a classroom teacher its a dead-set simple way to share what’s happening in the classroom – simply take a photo, use Instagram to share with your Followers – most likely Parents and other Teachers.

Video: Instagram Tutorial (33:16)

Links to Instagram training and video:

Instagram Help Centre Instagram Courses MUO – Guide to Instagram Video



Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a trimmed down social media network centred around Images. View and share images from people and organisations you follow without the clutter of everything else Facebook includes. Follow celebs and interest groups for short visual updates.

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