app: Instagram

app: Instagram

1 Minute Introduction to Instagram

Instagram is an app you use to share photos and short videos with your Followers. You can Follow other Instagram users (people or organisations) and view their images and videos. You can Like, Comment on images and tag your followers in image comments.

Introductory video Instagram Beginners (5:30)

My Use of Instagram

I’ve been using Instagram since it came out. I like that its all about Images. No posts about “what am I thinking” just posts from friends and others I follow which are Images or short Videos.

Picture it as a visual Twitter. Where Twitter is a platform for sharing short (140 character) text posts, Instagram is sharing just an Image – with a caption.

Images have captions and you can Tag people who are in the Image. You can say the location and also add some built in filters to modify your original image really easily. Add some Hashtags and you’re an Instagram #pro!

What does the Instagram app do?

The Instagram app is how you connect to your Instagram social network and share images. Open the app, take a photo or find one in your Photo Library, add a caption, add a Filter, tag someone, add a Location, share on Instagram or with other linked sites like Facebook or Twitter.

How can I use the Instagram app?

Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with people through Images. Let others know what you are up to through capturing and sharing images of your activity or to promote what you are doing. If you are a classroom teacher its a dead-set simple way to share what’s happening in the classroom – simply take a photo, use Instagram to share with your Followers – most likely Parents and other Teachers.

Video: Instagram Tutorial (33:16)

Links to Instagram training and video:

Instagram Help Centre Instagram Courses MUO – Guide to Instagram Video



Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a trimmed down social media network centred around Images. View and share images from people and organisations you follow without the clutter of everything else Facebook includes. Follow celebs and interest groups for short visual updates.

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app: OneNote

app: OneNote

OneNote app icon1 Minute Introduction to OneNote

OneNote is a notetaking tool included in Microsoft Office and now available on your web browser or as a mobile app for android and iOS. When using Onedrive you can sync it across computer and mobile devices to record notes which can include text, images, audio, video.  Notes are organised into Sections of a Notebook. You can setup any number of Notebooks.

Introductory video from Office 365 (1:16)

My Use of Onenote

Ive been using Evernote Premium since it came out around 2008/2009 and still use it for my personal notes on various devices.

But I started using Onenote in 2016 for work and it’s now my main tool outside of email. Onenote is software from Microsoft which enables me to create digital Notebooks which can contain Sections, each section can be made up of any number of Pages.

Pages can contain, Text, Images, recorded Audio or Video, and are saved instantly as I work. I can move Pages between Sections or Sections between Notebooks.  I can even share Notebooks with other Office 365 users.

What does the OneNote app do?

The OneNote app offers me the core features of the full desktop version of OneNote which makes it great to record notes on my iPhone or iPad when getting out the laptop is too much trouble. Because my OneNote notebook files are stored on OneDrive in the Cloud the data syncs and when other devices running OneNote are connected OneNote data is synced, so everything stays up to date.

How can I use the OneNote app?

For my work I currently have around 7 Notebooks on various topics relating to my Role. Each Notebook has a number of Sections and those Sections contain Pages. For example one Notebook titled “Digital Tools” has content on various software and apps that I can share with others when they ask me what something is and how they could use it.

I have my Digital Tools notebook organised into Sections named Social Media, Video and Robotics and then each section contains relevant Pages, for example the Social Media section has pages on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram.

OneNote structure

An example of a OneNote Notebook/Section/Page structure


When I open the OneNote app on my iPhone (below) I can access this notebook and its contents, but the view and features are obviously different because of the device.


OneNotes iOS app view

OneNote Notebook, Section and Page view on iOS app

One of the great things I use a lot is the iPhone’s camera to add photos of presentation slides during a workshop or presentation. After taking the photo in OneNote you have the option to crop the image by dragging handles to the image corners – OneNote then does it’s best to align the image flat. If its a Whiteboard photo just tap the “Whiteboard” button and watch the magic happen…..

Video: OneNote iPad app (33:16)

Sharing OneNote Notebooks

Once your using OneNote with OneDrive you have the ability to share your notebooks with others. For example, my Digital Tools notebook could be shared with other educators who could then view or contribute to the notebook content depending on what level of sharing I choose.  This collaboration feature enables you to use OneNote as a tool for purposes where information needs to be up-to-date and available to a group.

When sharing a Notebook you are also able to protect sections within the notebook with a password, should you not want to share the whole thing.

Links to OneNote training and video:

Microsoft OneNote Help Microsoft OneNote 2016 Training Microsoft OneNote Free eBook Microsoft OneNote for Students, Teachers, Administrators Microsoft OneNote Community Support Forum



OneNote is a really great tool for keeping the information you need to keep, organised and synchronised on various devices. The OneNote app makes it easy to access those Notebooks on your mobile devices.  If you’re a OneNote user you will value having access via the app.

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OneNote app - vis

app: Wunderlist

app: Wunderlist

Wunderlist task manager1 Minute Introduction to Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a great productivity app available to install on all your devices – iOS, Android, web browser, Apple Watch, OSX and Windows.  Easily create a List then add To-dos.  Lists sync via the cloud to all your devices and can be shared with other Wunderlist users, for example – create a Family Shopping list shared with everyone in the family instead of sticking a note on the fridge!  Due dates can also be set in Wunderlist so you can be sure not to forget to get that To-do completed.

Introductory Video from Wunderlist (1:16)

How I use Wunderlist:

I’ve been using the free version of Wunderlist to manage my tasks and to-do lists for various projects and work since 2011. Wunderlist is available for iOS, android, Windows and Mac and because its hosted in the cloud my Lists are also available in a web browser.

I usually create a List per project but have other Lists named: Things to Buy, Movies to Watch, House Jobs, Stuff Loaned, Stuff Borrowed as a really easy way to make notes.  Wunderlist has a default To-do List called Inbox where you can just put To-dos without adding them to a separate List.

As a Family we share a List called Food Shopping. Everyone has the app so can add items to the Food Shopping list anytime and if one of us is at the supermarket we can always crack that list open and see if there’s anything to get.

For work I’m also using Wunderlist but have setup a separate account to help separate work/home.

What does Wunderlist do?

Wunderlist enables you to manage and organise all the tasks that you need to get done into Lists.  A List is simply a collection of To-dos and each To-do can have extra information added to it such as: assign to, Due Date, Reminder, a subtask, Notes, Attached files, comments. See in the image below how a List – To-Do – more info are displayed. Lists can also be grouped into Folders – so for me as you can also see I use a Personal Folder, with a series of Lists, each with their own To-do items.

Wunderlist screens

What I like most is that the Wunderlist interface is so easy to use and organise. With nothing complicated to think about it’s easy to get my head around what needs to be done.


Video: Short Wunderlist Tutorial (6:57)

Sharing Wunderlist to-Do Lists

Once you have a list created just tap the Share button and email the Link to your friend. They’ll need to have Wunderlist setup, but then they can just add the shared List to their app. Easy.

Wunderlist – difference between Free and Pro Versions?

So far I haven’t had a need to upgrade to the Pro version of Wunderlist as everything I need can be done without upgrading.  Perhaps if I was in business and we were using it as a Team then the Pro version would become necessary. In 2015 Microsoft purchased Wunderlist so we may see it appear in the Office Suite in some form.

The premium or Pro version of Wunderlist basically offers you more of what you already get in the free version.

Wunderlist Free and Pro versions compared

Wunderlist Free and Pro versions compared


Links to Wunderlist training and support:

Wunderlist Support Page Wunderlist iOS app Wunderlist Download


Wunderlist has a elegant and easy to drive interface which enables you to manage the things you need to get done alone or with others in an uncomplicated way. One of my favourite and busiest apps.

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