Learning Office 365 – Digital Workplace Conference Sydney 2019

Learning Office 365 – Digital Workplace Conference Sydney 2019

DWCAU 2019The Digital Workplace Conference brings Microsoft Experts, Consultants, Developers and people from organisations passionate about developing their workplace into the future.

With three major strands – Leadership in the digital workplace; Business Productivity; and Implementation you can hear from people who have or are moving into a more productive, digital workplace.  Hear what’s failed, hear the successes and learn from those who have pioneered and developed best practice in working digitally.

Check out the 2019 Sydney sessions available herehttps://www.dwcau.com.au/sessions/

Because my role covers user adoption of Office 365 and other collaborative and learning software sessions that will be on my list include:

I work in Education and many of the edu-technology conferences focus solely on using technology in the classroom – which is good. But educational organisations should be working with the best tools available for communication and collaboration and the Microsoft Office suite of digital tools – which most educational organisations are already paying for – provides so many opportunities and potential to work simpler and smarter.

If you have a limited budget and are looking for Office 365 training, guidance and stories from the “front lines” from a variety or organisations, then get along to the Digital Workplace Conference – Sydney – August 6th and 7th (with additional Workshops August 5th and 8th)

2019 Office 365 Icons

Microsoft Teams – Create a Quick Poll for your Team Members

Microsoft Teams – Create a Quick Poll for your Team Members

Create a quick poll for your Microsoft Team members in the Conversations space

Using the Forms Bot in Microsoft Teams you can create a quick Poll to survey your Team members.

  1. In the Team’s Conversations tab, type @Forms.

  2. In the Suggestions window that appears, select Forms.

  3. Click What can I do?

  4. Click Your question? Option1, Option2.

  5. Highlight and delete the placeholder text, Your question? Option1, Option2.

  6. Then type your question, followed by the options you want members to choose from in the format shown below.

    For example: “How should we get customers feedback? Online survey, Interview in person.

Teams Poll


As your Team Members respond everyone can see the poll responses in the Conversation

Team members can also change their response after they have voted and they can’t see what others have selected.