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1 Minute Introduction to Instagram Instagram is an app you use to share photos and short videos...

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What is Swift Playgrounds?

Swift Playgrounds is an app from Apple, designed to teach kids how to code with Swift, Apple’s coding platform. but be warned, it’s great for adults too! Available in iOS 10.

What is Canva?

What is Canva?
This guide gives you everything from the basics to using Snapchat like a Pro!

2016 NMC Horizon Report K-12 Schools

It’s here! Each year educational technology leaders and teachers eagerly await the release of the latest “Horizon Report”, published by New Media Consortium (NMC). It highlights key technologies which we can expect to see more of in the short, medium and long-term in schools, it is literally a “what’s on the horizon” with learning technologies.

What is Twitter?

What is Twitter? How, why and What should I tweet? What can Twitter offer? This guide gives you everything from the basics to using Twitter like a Pro!

What is Snapchat?

What is Snapchat? Why are “all the kids” using it? This guide gets you up to speed with Snapchat so you can share your story…


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